Treatment of problems and organ damages

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Ankle sprain

What are the symptoms an ankle sprain?What are the risk factors for an ankle sprain?What are treatment options?

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Knee ligaments injury

The knee is one of the most complex and largest joint They act like strong ropes to hold thighbone to lower leg bones

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Forefoot pain and metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia, is a type of pain and inflammation that occurs in the ball of foot and metatarsal heads

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Forefoot pain & Bunion

A bunion is a painful swelling of the inside of the big toe. The hallux (big toe) bends towards the other toes or even lies over them. Sometimes pain is i

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Forefoot pain & Gout

Gout is a form of arthritis caused by aggregation of uric acid within the body which is a waste product of metabolism.

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Forefoot Pain & Fractures

Forefoot pain often originates from the long metatarsal bones and pain under the ball of the foot. The most common forefoot fractures are metatarsal, metatarsal stress and Jones fracture.

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Hallux Valgus

Who gets hallux valgus? How does hallux valgus develop? What are causes of hallux valgus? The signs and symptoms of hallux valgus include?

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Heel Spur

What is heel spur?When heel spur is happened? Signs or Symptoms of Heel SpursWho are subjected to heel spur? Or (Risk factors for heel spurs)

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Flat Foot

What is flatfoot deformity?What are causes of flatfoot?What are flatfoot symptoms and signs?What is the treatment for flatfoot?

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Knee osteoarthritis

What Causes Knee Osteoarthritis? What Are the Symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis? Risk factors for knee osteoarthritisHow Is Osteoarthritis of the Knee...

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