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Paksaman, the Research, Industrial and Commercial Group that has founded the principles of its activities on three fundamental bases of research, production and trade was established with a prolific scientific structure in the field of orthopedic and medical equipment with the aim of increasing the international community’s health.

Paksaman was established in 1989 and now with more than a quarter of a century’s experience and knowledge, in the form of Paksaman Holding Complex (research, industrial, and commercial) including certain companies, works in 2 fields of production and distribution of orthopedic and medical equipment.

Main product and final output of Paksaman, the Research, Industrial and Commercial Group, is health and beauty and it offers these services in form of producing orthopedic and medical equipments such as medical and sport knee braces, posture correctors, abdominal braces, medical back braces and etc. This group relying on the power of knowledge-based human resources and up-to-date international technology and also a Quality Control Unit operating in the factory boasts very high quality products.

Other privileges of this complex includes regular attendance at medical specialty conferences, holding conferences on health and life for education and change aiming at developing and raising family health and hygiene, presenting its experience and also informing the medical community of different fields of specialty.

Caring about human values and observing consumer rights in Paksaman Holding Complex are of great importance. We , believe that our field of activity has its roots in the ideals of the development of human health among the international community.


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