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About us!

September 27th, 1989 is the reminiscent of birth of Paksaman Company in this land. With its courageous leadership, organizational behavior, collaborative management, strategic thinking and ethical teamwork, Paksaman Company has been able to become a well-known brand in the minds of manufacturers and consumers in a short period of time. While the Company recognizes its success because of God's favor and concern, it considers its 30-years of efforts towards improvement of community health and its future development plans as its social responsibilities.


Paksaman Research, Industrial and Commercial Group is one of the leading manufacturers of orthopedic and medical aid products in our country due to its special attention to community health, high sensitivity and brand awareness and community based creative production. Paksaman, as the first manufacturer of such products scientifically, is proud to serve our people. Customers Satisfaction of the Ultimate Quality of Paksaman Products is the reward of our 24-hour effort. The beneficial and responsible family of our company, includes personnel at the company's factory in Zanjan, the administrative staffs in Tehran, as well as all partners who work tirelessly to deliver our products to end-users.



Maintenance of our current position as a leader by expanding activities in the industry, enhancing the brand's position in the minds of audiences (end-users) and entering the regional markets.



Creating a better feeling experience by focusing on key details in the design and production of innovative orthopedic and medical aid products.


Philosophy of our being:

Paksaman knows the details well and acts upon them, but the main reason for the details is to create a better sense of in its own structure and in its local and foreign end-users. The philosophy of being of Paksaman is to pay attention to the details in order to create a better feeling the feedback of which makes Paksaman to appreciate its own structure. The reason for being and operation of Paksaman comes from the same philosophy of being.


Values of Brand:


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